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February 23, 2008


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Scam Artist Case Closed (Edit v2)

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 23, 2008, 12:34 PM
New Images
Weekly Top Ten
The Big Wachowski
*Commissions Closed

The Online Swindler taking credit for artists works is being turned in, and multiple artists have joined together and filed a fraud complaint.

I thought that issue was dead when I spoke to artists last month about it, and we found it was a scam.

Now, it's over I hope. No names mentioned in the complaint, nor any other info to be revealed, as Digital Webbing has not come forth and replied in conjunction with this. So, as a fellow artist on DA and using the internet to commission or receive commissions, the swindler is being turned in.

More news!

Digital Webbing and a fellow artist has started threads on this issue. DW has stepped up and deleted his ads, and will watch out for him in the future.

Also, clients were taken advantage of as well. Josh Hoopes is telling Paying publishers that he is the artist, and gets the payments from them. They have been shocked but remained cool about the situation. We have Josh on watch now, so I guess that's a victory against a parasite and scam artist.

Now, on to Real News:
Our Production Company's first Film began shooting last week. Earlier this evening we filmed more scenes. The lighting and cinematography looked great... Our Website is still under construction. I have a logo design for it, and many other subsections.

Images and Updates:
Project X continues. This is the last week I'll be on this project.
Finally, I can move forward after this is done, and I have Simon doing colors. Finishing up some of the last pages of the project. I'll post stuff once I get permission, most likely in a couple of months or so.

Hangwire: Devil in His Eyes, colors by Ashley and also there's pencil previews to Cover Art for Issue 3.
Hangwire: DIHE 3 Cover Pencils by RNABrandEnt Hangwire DIHE pg 1 colors by RNABrandEnt Hangwire DIHE Pg 4 Color WIP by RNABrandEnt
Hangwire will continue in March. Issue one is near completion and Issue Two will begin later in March as well.

Commission Samples
Dream Catcher Drawing by RNABrandEnt Headress Skull Tattoo Art by RNABrandEnt Faerie Commission Pencils by RNABrandEnt
Commissions are closed at the moment, but will commence once schedule is opened. I will announce in the near future.

Comic Strips
Inspector P.I. - Oldie by RNABrandEnt Al Gore's Global Warming... by RNABrandEnt Ad America.. by RNABrandEnt
I've done a lot of comic strips back in the day, and will bring more new ones from E.T. Life: Strange Days, IPI, RNA Comics and a New Series coming soon :-)

Delays, delays. Although Cartoon Tom is Free, I'd really like to finish some cartoons off for some people.
Cartoon Tom quick color by RNABrandEnt MySpace "Cartoon Me Winner" by RNABrandEnt Sarah Dope v2 Inked by RNABrandEnt
Soon enough.

Top Ten of the Week
Top Ten Parasites the Past Year
1) President George Bush
2) Josh Hoopes
3) Bioware (For Mass Effect)
4) Every FPS Game Maker out there
5) Jay Z
6) Al Gore
7) Warner Brothers Studios
8) Fox Media
9) Hillary Clinton
10) Barack Obama

The Big Wachowski of the Week:
Bar None, Hands Down, Numero Uno, the one and Only Josh Hoopes.
Nuff Said.


Our New Production Company and Website are almost fully Operational. Website Opening soon. Filming and Production has begun!

We're offering Free Viewable Content on our Website, which will also include DVDs, Film Showcases, Animations, Prose and Comics!

That's right. You get to be entertained for free. What more do you need? There will be DVD's, Film Festival viewings and 'Theatre' viewings in the future, but Of course those won't be free.

Look for my announcement soon!

Visit Mirror Stewedios

MySpace is Cartoon Tom's Domain now-

Commissions Available in '08
Comic Book Characters, Illustrations, Conceptual Drawings and More.
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Fishdirt Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2009
He's back. Having not been a victim I can't do this but the best thing to do is contact the FBI not the local police as he was working voer statelines.

RNABrandEnt Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2009  Professional General Artist
You'd think he'd change up the names and addresses...

Well, glad I have some trustworthy people now a days.
clayoverground Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2008   Writer
Hey! I was just ripped off $200 by this guy Josh Hoopes. if anyone has a police department or case# i can find please email me at He pretended to be an artiost by the name of Ryan Stegman and I paid him $200 to do some art for my via paypal. Please, someone email me with any info that may help me or the police find this guy. Thanks!
RNABrandEnt Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2008  Professional General Artist
Yeah, we got something for you...

I have a notation from another artist who was told he'd be paid for work. Anyways, I have his address, phone and case number... if it's all real, I am not sure... I'll note you.

clayoverground Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2008   Writer
please, please send me the info on this guy to so i can pass it to the police dept. thanks!
RNABrandEnt Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2008  Professional General Artist
Just sent you the email.

RNABrandEnt Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008  Professional General Artist
This is how I think he works:

He finds advertisers for help needed on projects from paying companies and individuals.

Posts his own add claiming he has a project for paid work.

He then gets the commission and payment from the commissioners and has the artists do all the work, promising more work and having them do the work before payment.

He keeps the money, gives the work to the commissioner and never pays the artists.

He will claim he's the artist, and keep the money, but never answer to the artists.

This is his Modus Operandi I believe.

workhorsecomics Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008  Professional Writer
Reputation, reputation, reputation! Can not say it enough or loud enough. Doing business(no matter the type), you earn a reputation. Word of mouth can do a lot for you, or against, especially in that start-up phase. No matter how sweet the deal, you better understand the terms of the contract before you agree to them. All those sub-paragraph might have you signing away your own properties. Because business law does not require you to be ethical, just legal, you can not just trust any or every one.
From the business-side, I had some one lie about their age, and they signed a contract, then still expected me to keep my end of the deal. After I refused, they called me a "fraud." That is a major word when it comes to ones reputation, and too many people want to throw that word out there. Especially new talent.
RNABrandEnt Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008  Professional General Artist
Read my last comment on here. It's how I think he does the swindle.

Very simple, and the idiot gave me his address and phone number for payments through Western Union.

Another artist emailed me wanting to take action, and file a suit.

workhorsecomics Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008  Professional Writer
Like I said, you just need to pay attention, if it is too good to be true...or don't sound honest(although some people just want the money), it probably worth passing up. Hang in there...I am.
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