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Another week, another job

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 25, 2008, 1:45 PM
Top Ten
The Big Wachowski

News for 01/25/08
*New Commissions Are Closed

I didn't mention that I bought a new computer board, satellite wireless connection (DSL and Cable aren't available where I live) and some digital video software. A small Shuttle XPC box, and Avid Liquid. Both work great!

That's probably the reason my updates have been more frequent recently. The system I have set up is almost 10 times faster. What would take me 2-4 hours to do takes 2-8 minutes now. That is so much more helpful.

New Mural Commission Begins tonight. I caught a cold middle of the week, so I got slowed up and didn't get the plywood I need. I am good to go now.

Design work on our Production Company has commenced. Legalities are being processed, tax forms will be filled out, and our website has been secured. Working on the website, props, art and discussing future projects with an established novel writer.

We're offering Free DVD's, Film Showcases, Animations, Prose and Comics! That's right. You get to be entertained for free. What more do you need? There will be DVD's, Film Festival viewings and 'Theatre' viewings in the future, but Of course those won't be free.

Project X has been commissioned once again to complete new pages for their script. Apparently it's been delayed by the writers strike. I don't know the details and don't want to.
:thumb75533035: :thumb71743287: :thumb75337120:

Hangwire: Devil in His Eyes, colors by Ashley and also there's pencil previews to Cover Art for Issue 3.
Hangwire: DIHE 3 Cover Pencils by RNABrandEnt Hangwire DIHE pg 1 colors by RNABrandEnt Hangwire DIHE Pg 4 Color WIP by RNABrandEnt

Commission Samples
Faerie color commission wip by RNABrandEnt Headress Skull Tattoo Art by RNABrandEnt Tribal Shield Tattoo Art by RNABrandEnt

Delays, delays. Although Cartoon Tom is Free, I'd really like to finish some cartoons off for some people.
Cartoon Tom quick color by RNABrandEnt MySpace 'Cartoon Me Winner' by RNABrandEnt Sarah Dope v2 Inked by RNABrandEnt
Soon enough.

For those that didn't know, on Digital Webbing and here on Deviant Art, there's been a scam and lying parasite in the name of "Josh Hoopes"… He took credit for others work, sent my line art, and posted ads all without permission. Here's samples of the work people sent me that I had no clue about until they noted me.
Hangwire: DIHE p5 color test by RNABrandEnt :thumb75166200: Another HW test color by RNABrandEnt
The color people that did these images were never paid, which I sent him cash for. That is why Test Pages and Paper Trails are so Important people. Two other color people were also used by him. The worst part is him claiming that the work was his.

Now, on to the Top Ten. I never use the 1-10 as best to worst, they are in no order as who's number 1 or number 10, it's just the top ten of what I want to list.

Top Ten Appreciated DA Artists and Members:
1) Wade Furlong for his original art and style. Do your thang!
2) Michael W. Kellar comicbookinker1971.deviantart.… His devotion to inking and comics is wonderful, and I knew him personally many years ago :-) I got the Sky Pirates image coming still, buddy...
3) Mike Wieringo (RIP) His style, personality and prolific work as a comic artist.
4) Diablo Solid well rounded work.
5) Appomo Doing a Color Test for Free even though I offered payment. I have him as a stand by color person. (Edited link and name... sorry!)
6) Ashley Prejoles My first ever color choice. She's done a lot and worked with me on earlier pages and I am sure it was a headache trying to get my vision through her colors.
7) Karl Dabney… For his integrity and comic book creation appreciation. Hope to work with ya soon, man!
8) Sarah Dope! A special woman for getting my Cartoon Tom myspace parody page to the masses very quickly. Plus, she's very friendly and a great person.
9) Karl Altstaetter His devotion to comic creation and comics altogether. Seen his work for many years now, and he's maintained his own style.
10) Yoncho Yonchev Prolific and trying out an image for me. Always communicative.

Ok, One more appreciated artist on DA: Chamba For his style, productivity. He can go from cartoonish, anime, manga and cinematic styles easily. Great original style.

Enjoy their work!

The Big Wachowski of the week

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has argued that world institutions need to be reformed if they are to work better in the global economy.
Full Article and Quotes:…

Definition: "The Big Wachowski" - A person whom takes credit and creates content or does business and loots the rewards of other intellectual properties, including 'borrowing' from other content, such as anime, comic books, movies, scripts and producers of content. The Wachowski Brothers have ripped the following: The Matrix and the crappy sequels, and V for Vendetta, and apparently 'borrowed' other source material from Anime and Western Movies while probably buying out the technology for the "Bullet Time" camera and digital effects they now use at Warner Brothers Studios.



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Commissions Available in '08
Comic Book Characters, Illustrations, Conceptual Drawings and More.
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comic-coloring Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2008  Professional Artist
when you mean with appopo me ....then its appomo and the link goes not to me;)
RNABrandEnt Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2008  Professional General Artist
I made the fix :-)

Thanks for noticing. I was busy with Jose going over the double page comic pages colors with him at the same time, so I may have copied his link accidentally.

I should show appreciation too, he already did a single character and now two sequential pages for me :-)

comic-coloring Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2008  Professional Artist
so he is working with you , great...and yes you should :)
RNABrandEnt Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2008  Professional General Artist
Yes. He's done 3 pages so far, I have him on the other half of the single character designs.

You have the rest.

RNABrandEnt Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2008  Professional General Artist
Sorry, typo...
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January 25, 2008